A Friend and Companion...

February is Love Your Charity Month!
MinnKota Recycling is taking recycling donations. If you specify that you want your donation to go to Patriot Assistance Dogs they will DOUBLE your donation as part of the Love Your Charity Month! Go green, recycle and help an amazing cause! You can make a difference!!!! The Detroit Lakes facility is located at 522 U.S. 59 North.

Patriot Puppies For Sale!
Meet these puppies that come from amazing bloodlines and are the pups of our very own graduate 'Shandy'. All proceeds will go to our program. More info and pics...

2015 Calendars Available
Stop by at Lucky Dog or contact us for information about our 2015 wall calendar. Proceeds support Veteran/Dog service teams and non placed pups.

Patriot Assistance Dogs fill a specific demonstrated need created by the veteran's disabilities. The goal of Patriot Assistance Dogs is to place these much needed assets with the veteran and at no charge to the veteran. The dogs used in this program may be donated, rescued or bred for the program.

Each Patriot Assistance Dog will be trained to meet individual veteran's needs by:

  • Reminding veteran to take medication
  • Interrupting harmful behavior
  • Leading away from stressful situations
  • Getting help when necessary
  • Waking from night terrors
  • Interrupting panic attacks
  • "Clearing" a room or apartment
  • Maintaining a veteran's personal space
You Can Help...
Please consider helping the PAD program. Your support is appreciated and all donations are tax deductable.
More ways to help...
We are now registered with MinnKota recycling. Please consider naming 'Patriot Assistance Dogs' as the beneficiary of your proceeds when you drop off your recycling goods. Thank you!
February Special! Minnkota is giving additional funds per pound this month:
  • Alum cans: +15 cents
  • #1,#2 plastic: +2 cents
  • Newspaper/mags.: +2 cents
  • Sorted paper: +2 cents
  • Steel/tin cans: +2 cents